3 Surprising Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Home Builder

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3 Surprising Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Home BuilderThe most important step in building a custom home is partnering with the right builder for your needs. This relationship is the foundation for a stress-free project that results in the home of your dreams. And without the right relationship, the results can be disastrous.

Here are three essential things you need to consider before making your selection, as well as tips for how to be sure you’ve made the correct choice.

3 Considerations When Choosing a Custom Home Builder

1. How does my custom home builder handle plan designs and modifications?

There are many strategies and philosophies of tackling designs and modifications, so finding a team that works the way that you do is crucial. For example, does your custom home builder create their designs and modifications in-house? If they outsource this work, you may incur additional fees.

Also, what’s their typical turnaround time? Will an unexpected turn of events set you back an afternoon? A few days? A few weeks? And once the designs and modifications have been squared away, what’s the quality of their work? Is it consistent? If they work with the same group of internal or external people on all their projects, you can expect similar work on yours. It’s best to know all of the details up front.

2. How does my custom home builder handle the selection and finalization process?

Similar to the various ways teams handle designs and modifications, teams can handle the selection and finalization process in various ways. When you make different selections, it’s important to know the changes in price points up front. You’ll also want to know if you will be able to make all of your selections in a single place, or if you will need to have multiple meetings at multiple locations, as well as whether your custom home builder will document all of your selections, or if you will need to do so.

3. What important aspects of the custom home builder relationship are frequently overlooked?

Before you select your custom home builder, go beyond looking at the promised final product and look at the sort of builder support that they’ll provide before, during, and after the building process and after move in. It’s only by looking at this overall journey that you’ll be able to identify important aspects of the custom home building process that you otherwise might overlook.

For example, will you know your complete pricing before you sign your contract? Will your custom home builder support you through warranty claims and service, even after closing? And how will this custom home building partner handle the loan process?

How We Can Help

LifeStyle Home Builders knows how important these questions are; that’s why we knock each of them out of the park with our customers. We know what works because we make a point to stay up to date on our customer’s feedback, and in 2015, we had an over 90% recommendation rating, and 9/10 buyers said in a third party survey that they would recommend LSHB to friends and family.

These are good reasons that LifeStyle Home Builders may very well be the best choice for your next custom home, but the real benefit we provide is that we pass this knowledge onto you by being a true partner in the custom home building process.

If you’re searching for the right partner for your custom home build, our team can help. Contact us today.

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